Bentley Drivers Club celebrates the 60th anniversary

Posted on Tuesday, 11 August 2009 , 13:08:43 byEmil

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Bentley Drivers Club celebrates the 60th anniversary

The first race meeting of the Bentley Drivers Club was held 60 years ago, at Silverstone, so its members celebrated this anniversary on 8 and 9 of August, last weekend.

BDC Competitions Captain - Sebastian Welch said 'This was surely one of the biggest gatherings of Bentleys of all ages you could ever hope to see – and so many of the cars are historically famous'.

'Our aim was to celebrate 60 years of BDC racing at Silverstone with two days of ‘proper’ club racing, from highly competitive dicing on track to a non-stop slideshow of archive pictures in the pit garage and family picnics on the grass at Copse. Racers and spectators responded with enthusiasm, as shown by the record turnout of 180 cars in the Bentley parade – where any BDC member who turns up in a Bentley, new or old, can drive three laps of the circuit'.

Over the the weekend, Bentleys plus some prestigious firms took part then at eighteen races, highlighted by the modern Bentley models racing much older automobile in both Bentley Scratch and Bentley Handicap races, the first was won by a MkVI Special 1949.

Track demonstrations were also included: 933 Napier-Railton, 24-litre Brooklands of John Cobb and the Le Mans-winning Bentley Speed 8 2003. Bentley racing cars' off-track displays had old Le Mans winners too, Brooklands, and Bentley models that raced at BDC throughout the last sixty years. 'Those who recall the first BDC race meeting back in 1949, when the main straight was the Lancaster runway and the pits were made from straw bales, tell us that things are very different today. Nevertheless, we hope we lived up to the spirit and tradition of this great annual event' continued Welch.