General Motors works on a 4,000 Dollars car

Posted on Monday, 17 August 2009 , 19:08:39 byEmil

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General Motors works on a 4,000 Dollars car

GM plans a 4,000 Dollars extra low-cost car that would be made in Asia for the local markets. Challenging Nano from Tata? If you compare it to the unit the Indian maker build, GM will not bring it yet in Europe or America.

'When Tata Motors in India came out with their $2,500 Nano vehicle, it put a lot of auto makers on the spot' said Nick Reilly (source:, GM's new executive vice president, international operations.

Reilly stated 'We are not going to make cars that cheap because that is really a specific car for a very specific market that has different emissions standards and specifications than markets like the U.S. and Brazil. So we are looking at lower cost vehicles, but do not know yet where it will be made or where will it be sold, though most likely in Asia'.

It's only a future project so there are no more details but it looks like GM wants to design, make and sell the vehicle alone, not by Asian alliances. Reilly affirmed 'We are getting used to partnerships and the industry as a whole will see more partnerships forming in 2009. Fiat wanted a part of Chevrolet in Latin America, but we were never interested. Luckily, that was not the only deal on the table; otherwise we would have had no choice but to seriously consider it'.