The Chinese astronauts chosen Volvo S80L

Posted on Monday, 17 August 2009 , 05:08:44 byEmil

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The Chinese astronauts chosen Volvo S80L

Volvo – the carmaker from Sweden said that the 4 Chinese astronauts that were on the space mission Shenzhou-5 and Shenzhou-7 chosen Volvo S80L for buying. We do not know if each of them acquired a car or if they got a single vehicle for all four of them, but the astronauts said there were 3 reasons for this decision.

Liu Boming, Zhai Zhigang, Jing Haipeng and Yang Liwei chosen the S80L model mainly for being a premium car, locally made. The maker said 'Secondly, the Volvo brand image expresses premiumness and is not ostentatious. The third, and most important factor, is that Volvo S80L's top-class safety performance is providing the astronauts with great confidence, driving a Volvo'.

CEO of Volvo Cars China, Dr. Alexander Klose said in a press statement 'We are very proud to have the four astronauts as Volvo owners. Volvo will convoy these heroic astronauts on land, with our premium quality and holistic top notch safety. We look forward to their greater contributions to China's space cause'.

This S80L was in China in March this year on the market, hard tweaked up being longer than the last S80 with 140mm. Both interior and exterior have been changed according to the buyers' needs in China. This and being fitted with the safety technology from Volvo - Personal Car Communicator, S80L is now the premium car, great for consumers and the market in China .

Volvo is searching for a brand new investor to get the majority percentage. The Chinese makers were seen as the only ones linked to a Volvo agreement until a short time ago, with Geely favorite for getting the controlling interest. Dagens Industry said the Swedish Konsortium Jakob AB is a possible bidder.