Modified matte black BMW M5

Posted on Tuesday, 18 August 2009 , 15:08:35 byEmil

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Modified matte black BMW M5

The tuning business is a very complex one. Practically, people who modify their car do it because, generally, they are not satisfied by the way their car looks. Obviously, there is a certain segment of this market that modifies the performance aspect of the car, or even both the styling and performance of their car, but the majority of clients is represented by the people who want to modify the way their car looks. It is quite surprising to see how dozens of tuning companies survive on the market. It is curious because they do specifically styling upgrade packages that modify the way the car looks from their point of view. But, usually, people who modify their car want it to looks the way they want, even if they want it to be hideous. So it is weird how a couple of styling packages, that make the way look different in just a couple of ways, manage to satisfy the needs of the customers, that generally have thousands of ideas regarding how their car should look. Some might call it lottery, some might call it skill.

In any case, we give you here a modified BMW M5 V10 that was spotted in a parking lot in Austin, Texas. From what we can see in the images, the BMW M5 V10 was modified with matte black paint with glossy black trims, black window tint, and a quite weird carbon fiber trunk lid. We can also see a big exhaust system as well as a custom license plate that says ILBIGZ. This is the perfect example of what I was trying to say.

The reality is that this is just one out of thousand of ways the BMW M5 could have been modified. Usually, the entire tuning companies segment offer in total in the best case scenario a maximum of seven, maybe eight ways to modify a certain stock car. That is seven or eight out of thousands of ways a car can be modified to look. So returning to my earlier question, is it lottery or skill? I would go for lottery.

Modified matte black BMW M5 image Modified matte black BMW M5 image
Modified matte black BMW M5 image