Carlsson version of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Posted on Thursday, 20 August 2009 , 05:08:33 byEmil

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Carlsson version of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Carlsson is one of the best tuning companies on the market. Carlsson has been in the tuning business for a very long time, having much more experience than some wannabe professional tuning companies that have appeared lately on the market like mushrooms after a rain. The German tuning company has made their customers used to their decent and very stylish modifications done to certain models. To be honest, Carlsson has a tradition in modifying Mercedes cars, but they have some other projects that include cars made by other automakers. Now, Carlsson has launched a tuning package for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe . Their sport tuning kit is quite moderate and tasteful. The tuning package consists of 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels that are available in a couple of design versions as well as a sport lowering kit that lowers the Mercedes E-Class Coupe by 30 millimeters.

The price for the alloy wheels vary, exactly because there is a big range of models available. To be more precise, a set of 20 inch 1/5 REVo wheels and tires cost 3700 euros while a set of 19 inch 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition cost 2500 euros. The price for the sport lowering kit is of 239 euros.

I think that the modifications proposed by the German tuning company Carlsson are very tasteful and not exceed a limit of good taste. The range of alloy wheels and the sport lowering kit make the car look a lot better. This is a clear example of the fact that the saying ``less is more`` is true and that it should be kept into consideration by tuning companies.