Holden producing Volt locally

Posted on Friday, 21 August 2009 , 09:08:57 byEmil

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Holden producing Volt locally

Chevrolet Volt flagship product of GM might be made also by Holden in Australia to be sold on a local market as a rebadged unit. The news was unveiled by a firm stating that a scenario like that is possible but not before getting the hybrid in Australia as an imported car. Holden can test this way the reaction on market to such a product, deciding whether it's a good idea to make locally the Volt.

'Having the same platform certainly gives us a first step in terms of future development opportunities but anything involving electric vehicles would be an enormous leap' Scott Whiffin – said Holden spokesman, quoted by drive.com.au. 'We've only just launched the imported Cruze and are working towards a range of locally built, fuel efficient models on petrol and diesel'.

'We'll get this piece right then look at potential alternatives including E85, LPG, stop-start hybrids and other powertrains. We plan to bring Volt to market as an imported vehicle in 2012 and we'll look at the market reaction to it before considering any further moves on that front'.

Mike Rann - South Australian Premier said in Detroit Holden can make the Chevrolet Volt of GM, encouraging the Australian builder to do so, creating new jobs on domestic factories.

'Because the Cruze has the same architectural base as GM's new Volt, it is technologically possible to ultimately have an electric version of the Cruze manufactured on the new car production line at Elizabeth' he affirmed. 'While the Cruze will be a fuel-efficient car, I would like to see the Elizabeth plant manufacturing the same model but with an even greater fuel efficiency in the future as the technology develops'.

'Developing and adapting this new Holden four cylinder to even lower carbon emission standards will further entrench our car manufacturing industry'.