Traffic Lights LED available in London

Posted on Friday, 21 August 2009 , 05:08:02 byEmil

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Traffic Lights LED available in London

Boris Johnson, London's Mayor, this week announced the launch in the LED technology British capital at about 3,500 lights of traffic, located in 300 city junctions. The investment in the LED of £2.4 million will help, according to the Mayor, save £200,000 in energy - a year's cost.

'I've seen the future and it comprises these tip top energy busting traffic lights. Installing these eco-bulbs will cut the climate change emissions coming from London's galaxy of traffic lights by over half as well as save money from energy bills' the Mayor affirmed when he announced the plan.

TfL (Traffic for London) trialled traffic lights LED so far in Croydon on a small scale between 2007 January and 2008 August. The test results showed LED helps reducing CO2 levels and power consumption too, on a reasonable cost they say. 'These new lights will not only cut CO2 emissions but they will also last about ten times longer than standard bulbs meaning we will save on maintenance costs' said Alan Bristow, the TfL director of traffic operations.

In the UK London will be the largest traffic lights LED experiment. LED complements the LEDs introduced already on 3,500 solar bus stops (getting illumination for stop and signage) plus 640 shelters. 'We are pressing ahead to get many more of these illuminating orbs on to our streets to join a range of other energy zapping measures already saving us money such as solar powered bus stops and shelters' the Mayor said.