In Europe Volkswagen Golf is the best selling car

Posted on Friday, 21 August 2009 , 06:08:16 byEmil

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In Europe Volkswagen Golf is the best selling car

The best selling unit in Europe is Volkswagen Golf, according to data analyst JATO's newest figures . The car sales in July brought Golf on the highest position (car deliveries), that makes this well known vehicle the leader on the market in Europe for the 5th consecutive month.

Golf had a sales raise of 15.5 % in the 1st 7 months and 26.9 % in July this year. 'The much talked about 'green shoots' of recovery can be seen in the small car segment, which is the greatest beneficiary of scrappage incentives and European customers' desire to move to more affordable cars. Whether this performance is sustainable remains to be seen' affirms David Di Girolamo, the Head of JATO Consult.

In March the best-selling car was Ford Fiesta having 52,800 model, followed by Ford Focus (32,300), Transit with 14,100. 'It is very encouraging to see Fiesta doing so well and also our market share developing so positively, given the declining market we are continuing to face in Europe' said Ingvar Sviggum (in April) vice-president marketing, sales, service, at Ford Europe.