Hyundai is the biggest carmaker in Turkey

Posted on Saturday, 22 August 2009 , 12:08:11 byEmil

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Hyundai is the biggest carmaker in Turkey

Hyundai does great in states in which the govern offers scrapping actions encouraging people to buy fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. The South Korean maker is now the biggest builder according to the 1st half of this year' sales. Korea Herald says this is a national premiere for the automakers in Korea because no other maker (local) snatched the biggest foreign share market.

The source said Hyundai delivered 29,855 cars in total in the state in January - June, 15.7 % of Turkey's car department.

A Hyundai official stated 'There were times when the company held the largest monthly market share in overseas markets, but for longer periods. Turkey is the first overseas market where Hyundai came top. The Turkish government's stimulus measures have boosted sales, especially in the smaller segments, which has been to our benefit as we have a strong, small car lineup'.

Hyundai is in Turkey just 1 of the best selling carmakers but, in other states that offers scrapping incentives. In UK its i20 and i10 units quite attractive for clients looking for the small displacement cars. 'We've just had a delivery of 800 i10s and i20s and we will get them out to dealers in time for mid-May when the scheme is expected to go live' Tony Whitehorn, UK's managing director of Hyundai, affirmed in April when some positive signs are appearing involving the scrapping programme in UK.

'We expect these, and our existing stocks, to sell quickly though and so are negotiating with the factory to secure more production and keep up with the expected demand. This is a great opportunity for car buyers to move up to a cleaner, safer and more reliable new car and we don't want to disappoint a single customer' said Whitehorn.