Audi R8 has BMW badges all over it

Posted on Monday, 24 August 2009 , 08:08:45 byEmil

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Audi R8 has BMW badges all over it

We live in a world filled with complete lunatics, but this certain guy seems to be the king of all mad men. Some guy from Russia was too embarrassed to own an Audi R8 (!!!) and put the BMW badges everywhere to replace the Audi ones and wrote that the car was a BMW 850i. Believe it or not, but he replaced the Audi badge with a BMW one at the front of the car, the rear and even the engine cover, if you can believe it. Also, on the back of the car he has engraved the 850i named, suggesting that the car was actually a BMW 850i. Honestly, I hope that these pictures are just the work of a very bored and very skilled Photoshop specialist, because if these pictures are real, it is clear that this world has no hope whatsoever.

Honestly, how drunk must have been this Russian guy to do such a thing? I can understand that Russian people drink a lot of vodka, but I think this guy had way too much. No mentally sane man that owned an Audi R8 replaced because he was ashamed or whatever reason, the Audi badges with BMW ones, write that 850i nametag on the back just to claim that he had a BMW 850i. Come on, for heaven`s sake, the Audi R8 is a car that costs about 100.000 dollars, why would you do such a thing? If these photos are real and not Photoshoped, then this guy should really pay a visit to a shrink.

Watch the pictures below and prepare to be amazed.