Koenigsegg CEO has great plans for Saab

Posted on Monday, 24 August 2009 , 09:08:56 byEmil

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Koenigsegg CEO has great plans for Saab

Koenigsegg - the brand new owner of Saab - the Swedish manufacturer, who really struggled coping with that recession, staying in business with not many price-cutting actions. Christian von Koenigsegg, the CEO says the future will be successful, great for Saab; the parent firm has 'huge plans' for the upcoming years.

'From our perspective, it was actually quite fast. It was only about eight or nine weeks ago that we started getting into the details of Saab, and now we’ve reached so far to sign a Share Purchase Agreement' he affirmed in a fastestcar.com video interview.

'We have great plans for the future of Saab. We’ll be doing our utmost to build an exciting, strong company, and of course that’s good for the Saab employees as well'.

As you know, Saab has some plans for the future, with a few units to be debuted under the leadership of Koenigsegg. The first unit will be the 9-5 which will plays a big role (says Koenigsegg's CEO) in the global strategy of Saab. 'The first new Saab coming is of course the new 9-5. I drove it over the Summer and I think it’s a great car, it’s very important to Saab’s future. We also have the 9-3X which has just been launched, and a few other cars coming in the near future that we can’t give too many details on right now'.

'Koenigsegg Group is the company behind the purchase, not just Koenigsegg the supercar company. The company consists of a group of entrepreneurs; Swedish, Norwegian, American. Within that group, we have the strength, energy and know-how to get the job done'.