Big Dog Motorcycle stops its production

Posted on Monday, 24 August 2009 , 06:08:20 byEmil

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Big Dog Motorcycle stops its production

With the sales falling and the tough economic times, the motorcycle makers struggle to announce even more layoffs, production and salaries cuts. Big Dog Motorcycles, the biggest custom motorcycles manufacturer ceases its production for this year.

The U.S. firm began in 1994 its production and made since then 25,000 motorcycles almost. Big Dog build just one motorcycle in the 1st year called "Old Smokey”; now it has 7 units. 'To maximize efficiencies and reduce costs, Big Dog Motorcycles began a temporary production furlough on August 17, totaling seven weeks from today until the end of the year' stated for the press Paul Hansen, the marketing director at Big Dog.

'The seven weeks are not taken consecutively and include an immediate four weeks combined with extended holiday leave. This is a result of the company adjusting production levels from now through the rest of 2009 and preparing for the model-year changeover. No layoffs were announced and all employees affected by the furlough are eligible for unemployment benefits'.

The firm did announced all their staff got a temporary reduction of 20 % in pay. This action will control the costs until next year's spring and summer, the company will start recovering. 'While the recent announcement was difficult to make and is never easy, it was a painful, necessary step as we work through the economic downturn and position ourselves to be the leader in our niche and a major force in the industry for years to come' he said.