First video of the Mini Coupe concept

Posted on Thursday, 27 August 2009 , 08:08:13 byEmil

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First video of the Mini Coupe concept

Mini has now made public a video showing the Mini Coupe concept that will make its public debut during the Frankfurt Auto Show that will take place in September, after releasing yesterday a full photo gallery of the sporty coupe concept. In the video released by the British automaker we can get a close view of the inside and outside details of the Mini Coupe concept . Unfortunately, there is no driving footage of the sporty Mini coupe. The small sporty Mini coupe will get its power from a 1.6 liter turbocharged engine that has an output of 211. Coincidence or not, the exact same engine is used on the JCW (John Cooper Works) edition of the Mini Cooper S.

Few people might know that the controversial roofline of the Mini coupe concept was inspired by a baseball hat that Mister Gert Hildebrand, Mini designer, saw his teenage son wearing backwards. This comes to show you that ideas come up from everywhere, but not necessarily good ideas. Still, the controversial roofline is lightweight, being made from aluminum. The engineers of Mini claim that the weird roof actually lowers the car`s centre of gravity thus reducing body movement and optimizing driving behavior. At least now no one will be able to say that baseball is a silly useless sport.

You can watch the video of the Mini coupe concept here