Shield Tech debuts Photochromic Helmet Transitions SOLFX visor

Posted on Thursday, 27 August 2009 , 12:08:26 byEmil

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Shield Tech debuts Photochromic Helmet Transitions SOLFX visor

The riders know it's hard to carry 2 visors when you ride, because of the quick light conditions changing. Neither the clear visor nor the darkly-tinted is recommended there. So, the debut of Transitions SOLFX SHIELD Tech visors is an interesting innovation in the motorcycling world.

The photochromic visors for now can only be found on the II SOLFX Transitions Akuma Phantom motorcycle helmet, 1 of the lightest in this world, with just 1,36 kg priced currently at 479 Dollars.

The visor darkens that's based on the UV light quantity and ambient temperature, from clear at around 95 percent light transmission down to complete dark in about 30 seconds. Full dark back to total clear takes longer.

Kerry Harris, the president and CEO of SHIELD Tech, LLC said 'There have been other photochromic visors but none using the advanced technology from Transitions Optical. Vision is critical when riding a motorcycle. The SHIELD Tech Transitions SOLFX visors help enhance visual performance to take the riding experience to the ultimate level. Riders can now hit the open road and track without worrying fumbling with multiple shields due to changing light conditions'.

'Motorcycle driving presents unique visual demands, including changing light and weather conditions, and travel through wooded areas and open fields, often without the ability to conveniently stop and change eyewear' affirmed Grady Lenski, the global director at Transitions sunwear. 'Recognizing these challenges, Transitions Optical and SHIELD Tech designed a visor that darkens and fades back quickly to provide convenience, comfort and style to motorcycle enthusiasts'.