Volkswagen Tiguan gets new line of styling upgrades

Posted on Thursday, 3 September 2009 , 19:09:44 byEmil

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Volkswagen Tiguan gets new line of styling upgrades

People want to have unique cars. This desire has grown lately a lot. I think that this is because they need to feel that themselves are unique, thus they want that everything they own to be as exclusive as possible. All the automakers have started to offer a large range of accessories so that every customer can get the feeling they practically choose every detail of the car, in such a way that no one has the exact same combination of accessories for a certain car as they have.

If some time ago having a sense of exclusivity regarding the car you own was only available to wealthy people, nowadays a lot of automakers have launched special editions, limited editions and a high number of accessories that practically make every car unique.

What we have here is a new line of products launched by Volkswagen`s accessories division for the compact SUV Tiguan . This comes in another marketing effort made by the German automaker in order to satisfy the exclusivity needs of their customers.

The new line of accessories includes rocker panels with integrated steps and front and rear protective guards. These accessories can be combined with a new all-around aerodynamics package and are available in brushed aluminum or in matte silver finish.

The aerodynamics package includes protective fenders expansions, a front and rear appron and a roof spoiler. Potential buyers will also be able to choose from a large range of alloy wheels of sizes up to 19 inches. I think that this sort of improvements will have a moderate success, especially amongst the feminine buyers. I think that Volkswagen would have made a smarter move if they would have launched a limited edition of the Tiguan compact SUV that would contain all these new accessories, and after the entire run of the limited edition model would have been sold, they could have added these accessories to the entire range of Tiguan accessories, but they could have made an honest buck before doing this move.