Volvo Trucks have now more metallic colors

Posted on Monday, 7 September 2009 , 03:09:30 byEmil

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Volvo Trucks have now more metallic colors

A truck's common perception is quite far away from being related to issues on design, but this is not the desire of Volvo. The carmaker from Sweden realized it's very important to raise up from the crowd, focusing more on the trucks' visual look.

Carina Bystrom, material and color designer at Volvo Trucks says 'We lag somewhat behind the car industry in this respect, but there are clear trends in the truck industry indicating that design and color are playing an ever-larger role in the establishment of the brand'.

Volvo says, about 25% of Volvo Cars’ units are black; the buyers have 15 colors to choose from for each car. The story does changes when trucks are involved, as clients are interested more in their functionality and not on aesthetics.

Therefore, the design department of Volvo debuted around 20 metallic colors, all new in 2009 and last year too, as the firm noted big demand for the colors. On the interior as well you can see the colors, carefully selected. For example, Volvo’s trucks on the inside are dominated by gray at the moment.

Bystrom continues 'We’re looking at colors with somewhat warmer tones, creating a cosier atmosphere, but at the same time we want to retain our Scandinavian ‘feel’. For that reason, we’re not going to offer the sort of yellow-beige tones you find in American or German trucks, for example'.

Bystrom concluded 'Together with technology and product development in areas such as the environment and safety, design is one of several important ingredients for being able to deliver competitive products in the future'.