LichtBlick and Volkswagen forming Energy Alliance

Posted on Thursday, 10 September 2009 , 20:09:42 byEmil

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LichtBlick and Volkswagen forming Energy Alliance

VW and LichtBlick energy supplier signed a contract yesterday in Salzgitter, a deal with the German automaker to build the so-called 'EcoBlue' combined heat and power (CHP) factory powered by gas VW engines. LichtBlick will begin marketing additionally the factory as 'ZuhauseKraftwerke', said Volkswagen.

'Under its BlueMotion Technologies brand, Volkswagen is already developing and producing innovative, environmentally effective technologies. The partnership with LichtBlick is further proof of our engineers' technical expertise. Volkswagen will be contributing its experience in the production of standard automobile engines, which has been tried and tested in millions of units, and its volume production capabilities to this cooperation' said Dr. Werner Neubauer, a Member of Board Management Volkswagen – responsible for 'Components'.

Volkswagen affirms the new factories will be fitted in the future - integrated in the network of LichtBlick, forming an important power plant that's going to be the biggest of its kind in the German territory. Specifically, the all-new factory will have 2,000 megawatts output, meaning it could have the exact same capacity like 2 atomic power factories.

'This project will also help to secure long-term employment at our Salzgitter plant and other Group facilities' added Neubauer.

'By marketing the ZuhauseKraftwerk, which allows decentralized, flexible power generation, LichtBlick will be ushering in a new era of smart energy supply. As Germany's largest independent energy supplier, we know how power and gas markets work and how to organize a successful sales system. In Volkswagen, we have found the ideal partner for our scheme' said CEO of LichtBlick - Dr. Christian Friege.