Leaked online photos of the Audi R8 Spider

Posted on Tuesday, 15 September 2009 , 05:09:03 byEmil

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Leaked online photos of the Audi R8 Spider

What we have here is the first photo gallery (if we can call it this way...) of the highly anticipated and long awaited Audi R8 Spider. The official debut of the Audi R8 Spider will take place in Germany during the 2009 edition of the Frankfurt Auto Show. The new Audi R8 Spider seems to have a traditional folding top that hides behind the passenger compartment instead of a removable targa panel as initial reports suggested.

Some of the important new styling features include the elimination of the so called ``sideblades``, a redesigned engine cover at the back with twin speedster humps that incorporate newly styled air vents.

The Audi R8 Spider will get its power from a V10 5.2 liter engine that has an output of 525 horsepower and a 530 Nm of torque, but other details regarding the mechanics of the car were yet to be revealed.

From what it seems the people responsible for these photos are clearly professionals, because they tried to show the essence of the car, and not just a couple of dull photos made in a laboratory. My guess is that these photos were taken somewhere in the United States, if we are to consider the background views. They tried to also give a hint of the segment they are addressing with this car. In the photo we can see a young couple, both wearing sun glasses. They look like the trendy type of people, people that want themselves to look good in any situation. They seem like people that might choose a car not by the way it drives, the performances or not even the comfort of the car, but by the way the car makes them look. If a car makes them look trendy, they will buy it. It is quite clear that the Audi R8 Spider could not have any other target.