Maybach Zeppelin - present at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Posted on Tuesday, 15 September 2009 , 12:09:11 byEmil

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Maybach Zeppelin - present at the Frankfurt Auto Show

One of the most luxurious looks at the Frankfurt Auto Show – Maybach, revealed the Zeppelin, all-new, the strongest Maybach ever apparently. It will have 2 variants, the 57 S and the 62 S long-wheelbase.

V12 biturbo 6.0-liter engine, Mercedes AMG tweaked delivering a top power of 1000 Nm meters, 640 horsepower. The parent builder assured us the Zeppelin could have more torque, for the passenger safety sake, it's limited electronically to 1000 Nm output.

The compartment of the engine has a unique plaque, it's engraved “MAYBACH ZEPPELIN – ONE OF 100”, the maker will limit the car production to 100 models. 'The shoulderline is painted right through to the background of the headlamp assemblies in Rocky Mountains light brown, forming a stylish and scintillating contrast to the Taiga black finish used for the rest of the vehicle body while reinforcing the impression of three-dimensionality too. Naturally, customers may also specify any other paint finish of their choice for their Maybach Zeppelin. Dark red tail light units and a fine vertical partition in the tailpipe add striking visual touches at the rear'.

Chrome Shadow 20-inch wheels 'first painted with a black undercoat, before having a silver topcoat applied using an elaborate painting process that causes the tone to gradually increase in darkness from the outside in'.

'The system’s core component is an internally illuminated Plexiglass sphere on the rear centre console, into which Maybach Zeppelin owners can insert a vial of their preferred fragrance. Underneath the sphere’s base, which is finished in piano lacquer, there is a dedicated regulator pump. At the push of a button, this compressor draws in pre-purified from the vehicle’s interior and directs it into the Plexiglass sphere in a gentle stream'.

'The airstream passes through four apertures in the top of the vial’s cap, allowing it to carry perfume molecules from the tip of the cap into the vehicle interior. Air which has been suitably purified by the vehicle’s own climate control system also flows out of a ventilation outlet at the bottom of the sphere, thereby helping to distribute the scented air throughout the passenger compartment'.

The Zeppelin Maybach 57 will cost 406,000 Euro, the 62 Zeppelin - 473,200 Euro, VAT not included. For another €3950 (list price in Germany, excl. VAT) you can order the perfume atomiser, exclusive for Maybach Zeppelin.