Four electric Renault concepts coming to Frankfurt

Posted on Tuesday, 15 September 2009 , 08:09:26 byEmil

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Four electric Renault concepts coming to Frankfurt

It looks like the French automaker is going green. At least this is what they are trying to show. The French automaker has decided to show us photos of four electric vehicle concepts that they will be bringing to Germany at the 2009 edition of the Frankfurt Auto Show. This time Renault chose an interesting way to show us their cars. The French automaker has chosen to show us a view from somewhere a lot up over the cars or what some people might call a bird`s eye view.

The first electric vehicle concept seems to be a single seat extremely futuristic car (or pod). Most probably this is just a tryout for the French automaker that wanted to see what they can actually do in their plans to create the electric vehicles of tomorrow. It is clear that this single seater electric car will never come off a production line because it will remain at the state of a concept from which Renault wants to learn a lot. I would give this car a 1% chance to go into production in the near future.

The second car seems to be a car that seems to be the Twingo, or at least a car that for surely has the size of a Renault Twingo . It is clear that Renault wanted to see how an electric version of a small car like the Twingo will be received by people and media. It is too bad that we only get to see the car from somewhere above. Still, from what it seems, the Renault Twingo sized electric vehicle concept seems almost as futuristic as the single seater concept vehicle. Who knows, maybe based on this concept car, Renault will decide at first to launch a hybrid Renault Twingo and then a completely electric version of the small hatchback. I would give this car a 15% chance to go intro production in the near future.

The third car seems to be a small coupe. At first I was tempted to say that this is the Renault Clio coupe, but then, after looking closer to the details of the third car, I can say that it is certainly not the electric version of the Clio. I tend to believe that what we see in the third picture is an electric concept version of the Renault Megane Coupe. The car, at least seem from above, looks slightly more human and more possible to be mass produced. I would give this car a 20% chance of being produced in the near future.

The fourth and final electric vehicle concept looks like a large four door sedan. It is hard to anticipate, but from what it seems it is an electric concept version of the recently launched Renault Fluence. It is extremely hard to say anything just by judging a photo from somewhere above, but it looks like a concept version that might be the base for a production version of an electric Renault Fluence. I would give this car a chance of 30% to go into production in the near future (the next three or four years).