Audi is opening new assembly factory in China

Posted on Monday, 21 September 2009 , 10:09:09 byEmil

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Audi is opening new assembly factory in China

Audi together with FAW announce an assembly hall, all new, at the Changchun facility. The brand new line is for assembling the Q5 and the A4.

Audi chairman of board - Rupert Stadler stated 'This substantial increase in our production capacities will fuel our continued growth and boost China’s position as a strategically important market. The expansion of our production capacities is a key mile marker along the route to this destination'.

Audi had in August a 33 % sales raise in the Asia Pacific area, having around 16,500 cars sold right here in the 9th month of 2009. China saw a 35.4 % raise. Starting from January up until August, 93,610 acquired an Audi unit, representing 17.4 % - a year-on-year increase.

'Changchun was China’s very first production site for premium vehicles. Today’s opening of this assembly hall paves the way for further innovation and sets a new standard in China's automotive industry' An Tiecheng, FAW-Volkswagen president continued.

Audi is promising the all-new line is perfectly synchronized with the standards the builder's system of production is using. 'Height-adjustable materials-handling technology, for example, enables every one of our employees to maintain an optimal stance for working efficiently. That, in turn, ensures the excellence of our products' said Audi member of board for production - Frank Dreves.

The Chinese expansion will continue. By 2015, the firm is planning to have over 200 stores located in the state, compared to the 14 terminals and 139 dealerships Audi has in the present.