Porsche wants to sell 150,000 cars a year

Posted on Monday, 21 September 2009 , 11:09:41 byEmil

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Porsche wants to sell 150,000 cars a year

Porsche wants to sell 150,000 cars a year but if it happens, would a Porsche be still a true Porsche? The builder from Germany is hoping so. Despite the that last year's sales were at half that quantity Michael Macht, firm's CEO is quit the optimist.

'If the world economy picks up again, we can well imagine unit sales of 150,000 Porsche cars per year' he reported to Welt am Sonntag.

'But we won't achieve this with the four models that are existing today. Otherwise, we would have to significantly increase the number of cars of the current models. And then we would not be exclusive anymore. Therefore we have to think about new vehicles'.

The popular, most rumored car to join the already existing area is, the rumor says, a sports car, electric-powered. CEO Macht likes the idea and is 'convinced that one day Porsche will have an electric sports car in its line-up'.

Volkswagen plans Panamera-based cars, this fact adds also to the fears Porsche will be diluted slowly in the VW huge vehicle pool. Macht is apparently 'for integration'.

'I am standing for integration instead of confrontation. This does not mean that my predecessor was the exact opposite. He very much could integrate, otherwise he would not have been that successful over so many years'.