The fabulous winter tires released by Volkswagen

Posted on Monday, 21 September 2009 , 08:09:01 byEmil

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The fabulous winter tires released by Volkswagen

Volkswagen – the German maker just announced the winter tires release, having its own design, with rims from light alloy and premium rubbers, great for winter. This tires are available for the majority of the Volkswagen car range.

Volkswagen stated for the press 'Thanks to new rubber mixtures, wear on winter tires is no higher than it is with summer tires, and there are no differences in driving comfort either thanks to modern blade technology. To ensure that the attractive appearance of your car is maintained when fitted with winter tires too, the engineers at Volkswagen have developed special light alloy wheel rims whose high-quality surface sealant protects against corrosion caused by slush and road salt'.

For Polo, VW offers the Sima tires - brilliant silver, matched with rubbers 'Semperit Speed Grip'. The Sima come has 5 spoke design, in size 14 - 17 inches, available for other VW units too. For Tiguan, the Davenport 5 spoke wheels shining milled surface, in 18 inch sized, with Pirelli tires - W210 Sottozero.

VW continued 'Everyone knows that sandals are anything but the optimal shoes in winter. However, many drivers have difficulties when making the safe switch from summer tires to winter tires. But: In comparison to summer tires, only winter tires possess a softer tread surface mixture which ensures a better wheel grip at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius'.

The new tires pricing area is from 119 to 429 Euro.