Details on the hydrogen fuel cell second-generation system of GM

Posted on Friday, 25 September 2009 , 02:09:09 byEmil

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Details on the hydrogen fuel cell second-generation system of GM

GM unveiled the 1st details today of the 2nd gen hydrogen system of fuel cell that, the preliminary figures said, is 50% of the size, lighter with 220 pounds and it's using less than 50% of the metal that's used for the present gen in the electric vehicle Fuel Cell Chevrolet Equinox.

Affirmed the executive director of General Motors Fuel Cell Activities - Charles Freese 'The improvements the team has been able to achieve are remarkable. Hardware mechanization has been dramatically simplified, which will help reduce cost, simplify manufacturing and improve durability'.

Freese said 'GM has invested more than $1.5 billion in fuel cell technology and we are committed to continuing to invest, but we no longer can go it alone. As we approach a costly part of the program, we will require government and industry partnerships to install a hydrogen infrastructure and help create a customer pull for the products'.

GM says its powertrain of fuel cell has the same sizes as the 4-cylinder engine. So, the 5th-gen fuel cell wrap will be around 2015 on the market, the firm stated for the press.

The government in Germany, having the industrial firms cooperation, will make by 2015 1,000 fueling stations with hydrogen. This is the period when a few automakers selling vehicles in the European territory will be debuting fuel cell hydrogen cars, offering them straight to the masses, the America-based manufacturer stated. It added 'Earlier, a group of 13 oil and gas companies in Japan announced similar plans'.

Freese said 'Failure to act will insure the U.S. cannot meet its long-term fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction objectives. We know what needs to be done. Now is the time to get started'.