Hyundai is skipping Tokyo Motor Show

Posted on Tuesday, 29 September 2009 , 02:09:11 byEmil

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Hyundai is skipping Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show - an important stop on the car show tour in the past years; sadly, the show is promising this year to look like a ghost town and not the premier car event in Asia. The list of 'no-show' is over twenty, Hyundai will skip the Tokyo show this year.

Automotive News said Hyundai has withdrawn officially its name from the Tokyo Motor Show this October. Hyundai didn't give any reason for this, but price-cutting is most likely the motivation.

Toyokazu Ishida, the international exhibition's administrator for the Automobile Manufacturers Association in Japan, told Automotive News. 'Hyundai called last week and orally confirmed their intent to cancel. It’s unbelievable'.

This news is a surprise since Hyundai paid already a non-refundable tax of 122,000 Dollars for a display of 4,300 square foot at the show in Tokyo. As car show exhibits cost likely millions of dollars, this decision of skipping the event will net Hyundai still big savings.

Without Hyundai, the Tokyo show's guest list will consist essentially of Lotus Honda, Toyota and Nissan.