The paint work of Infiniti G37 was inspired from Cirque du Soleil

The paint work of Infiniti G37 was inspired from Cirque du Soleil

It's the 20th anniversary of Infiniti, the subsidiary in Canada of the car brand from Japan unveiled the G37 Infiniti Anniversary Art Project Vehicle, fabulously hand-painted by Heidi Taillefer, a Montreal artist. The design concept of the car was inspired from Cirque du Soleil, that's celebrating also this year its 25th anniversary and it's present at the revealing.

Heidi Taillefer is one of a few artists asked to design the concept exterior for the Infiniti G Coupe model; her 'Ligozzi' amazing design was selected finally. She worked a few weeks on it, in the August - September interval to paint this car.

The Director of Infiniti in Canada - Wendy Durward affirmed 'Celebrating 20 years of Infiniti is an important milestone and we wanted to do something truly unique and representative of the Infiniti brand to commemorate this occasion. The intricate, beautiful design is an expression of Infiniti's commitment to Inspired Performance in everything we do'.

Corporate Alliances Senior Director (Cirque du Soleil) - Ryan Sandilands said 'Both Infiniti and Cirque du Soleil are celebrating important anniversaries this year and it was incredible to be able to collaborate on a unique and special project such as this. Guests at some upcoming Cirque du Soleil shows in Canada will be able to see this truly incredible vehicle for themselves as it will be displayed at select shows'.

Taillefer said 'I was very excited to be asked to participate in this project and using the G Coupe as a canvas has been an amazing challenge. With Cirque as inspiration, there was a freedom to explore unique, juxtaposing influences for the design. I'm very proud of how my design looks on the actual vehicle, and I think it's an incredible tribute to the anniversary of both Infiniti and Cirque du Soleil'.