Dacia Logan, apparently will be replaced in the upcoming years

Posted on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 , 08:09:57 byEmil

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Dacia Logan, apparently will be replaced in the upcoming years

Strange news from Dacia, the Romanian manufacturer. After years of
success with the Logan line, the carmaker wants to replace it with a band new range, soon, in the upcoming years.

"Logan will stay for a few years, then it will be replaced with a new range, which will also bear another name. It will not only be a step forward in terms of quality, but in terms of performances as well. Not to mention quality,..." Constantin Stroe, Dacia vicepresident was quoted as saying by Mediafax.

Logan, 2004 model year, was intended at first for local markets and non-mainstream ones. Its success made Renault, Dacia's owner since 1999, starting its expansion in states not traditionally linked with the low-cost cars, like Germany for example.

The action paid off, Dacia made record sales. And other markets welcomed the unit.

Stroe continued 'Everybody talks about the Logan. Nice, but Logan will be short lived. Dacia is perennial, Logan is exchangeable. Something will follow Logan, who's life will end in a few years. A new family. In this lies the strength of the manufacturer'.

In these 5, Logan received only a facelift last year, alongside the MCV and pick-up body styles. This new car to join the area is Kanjara, an SUV based on Qashqai. So, we think this so called Logan replacement will not come in the next five years.