Volkswagen Chattanooga factory is right on schedule

Posted on Monday, 5 October 2009 , 23:10:44 byEmil

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Volkswagen Chattanooga factory is right on schedule

The construction in the State of Tennessee of the new production Volkswagen facility is going perfectly, the firm stated its safety by bringing in the region Christian Wulff - the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. Workers created the 1st wall of the all-new plant, projecting to full all buildings site on 5.6 square kilometer, by December.

The Member of Board - Volkswagen AG, responsible for 'Group Production', Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann said. 'The United States is one of the most important markets of the future for the Volkswagen Group. Our goal is to participate in the anticipated recovery on the US auto market and to achieve significant growth'.

Heizmann affirmed 'We are creating the framework for this by building our new plant in Chattanooga, a core element of our strategy in the North America region. Our highly attractive and environmentally friendly range of vehicles forms the basis of our present achievements – worldwide and in the USA. Our technology leadership combined with local production are the pillars for a successful future for the Volkswagen Group in the USA'.

Local team, currently with 150 people (one 3rd of them are Germans) will start working on the halls' interior in the 1st half of next year, the firm stated. The plant's projected to begin functioning in 2011, employing about 2,000 men. It will make a new unit, especially aimed for the market in North America, having 150,000 cars production capacity.

Frank Fischer - Plant Manager said 'The Volkswagen brand can look back on a long tradition in the USA. The beginning of construction work on our new plant in Chattanooga marks a new chapter in our joint history. We believe in our lasting success on the American market. Our strong products and a great team are the best arguments'.