Is this how the 2011 Renault Clio will look like

Posted on Friday, 9 October 2009 , 02:10:50 byEmil

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Is this how the 2011 Renault Clio will look like

The next generation of the Renault Clio is one of the most highly anticipated cars of the moment. This time, a French magazine named Autoplus has published a series of artist renderings of the 2011 Renault Clio. This is just the newest in a series of speculations regarding the 2011 Renault Clio . The French magazine claims that the images were made starting from the black and white design sketches that leaked earlier this year on the internet.

In the pictures below we get to see what the French magazine published in its pages. The next generation contender of cars like the Citroen C3 or the Ford Fiesta seems to have highly improved styling patterns and cues along with a bolder face. The artist that made this images on the computer clearly wanted to give as much of a realistic image as possible of the next generation Renault Clio .

Well, we have to remember that the photos below are just artist renderings done on a computer, so we are not certain whether the next generation Renault Clio will look like that or not. Still, it is nice to hope that we will actually get to see a car looking that good, with a price as low as the current generation Renault Clio on the market in the next two or three years. Let`s just hope that Renault finally realized that they need to start improving the design of their cars if they want to survive the financial crisis.