Chevy is in need of being General Motors

Posted on Sunday, 11 October 2009 , 13:10:37 byEmil

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Chevy is in need of being General Motors

As you know, Chevrolet is really one of the 4 four core brand names of GM and, playing a vital role in the strategy of the global market of the American-based ex bankrupt carmaker. Brent Dewar, named vice president of Chevrolet Global just after GM emerged itself from bankruptcy, believes Chevrolet 'needs to be the General Motors Company' as he stated on the Auto interview.

Fritz Henderson - GM's CEO admitted Chevy is a quite important brandname and this particular firm must replace now both Saturn and Pontiac.

Henderson affirmed 'Buick, Cadillac and GM play a critically important role, but in terms of driving share, it has 2009 Chevrolet Cruz - 210.Spigot be Chevrolet. I won't say I'm satisfied with the progress, but I'm seeing signs we're getting traction. Chevrolet can fill the void of Pontiac and Saturn. With the introduction of the Chevrolet Cruze next year, Chevrolet has the opportunity to not only maintain but boost share'.

Dewar said that Chevrolet is in need of a different strategy on the market, concentrating on the youth area in an unique way: by using the social network (like Ford is trying with the brand new Fiesta in America).

He said 'If you're on the 5 o'clock news talking about the Chevy Spark, you might get a few grandparents who will buy it, but we have to be relevant with our products, their positioning and the tonality of our communication. I see that as a radical shift in how we approach the market'.