Toyota FT-EV II concept coming to Tokyo

Posted on Sunday, 11 October 2009 , 17:10:57 byEmil

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Toyota FT-EV II concept coming to Tokyo

The Japanese automaker Toyota seems to be taking their home auto event of the year very seriously. It seems that Toyota will be coming with a lot of interesting creations at the 2009 edition of the Tokyo Auto Show that will take place this month. After previously presenting you the first details and official photos of the Subaru co-developed Toyota FT-86 sports coupe, now we will be talking about the Toyota FT-EV II . The Toyota FT-EV II is a battery powered micro car that gets its power from an electric motor which draws its juice from a lithium ion battery that is capable of offering a driving range of about 90 kilometers. It seems that the Toyota FT-EV ii will be more radical than the concept that was shown for the first time during this year`s Detroit Auto Show that took place in January. The name FT-EV II is an abbreviation for ``Future Toyota Electric Vehicle II``, which is exactly what the Toyota micro car wants to be.

Toyota claims that the FT-EV II is able to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The Toyota FT-EV II is obviously, just as the name suggests, an evolution of the Toyota FT-EV I that was presented at the Detroit Auto Show. The Toyota FT-EV I was based on the Toyota iQ. Thus, obviously, the Toyota FT-EV II is also based on the Toyota iQ. Some of the most important features include twin sliding doors and the absence of steering wheel or foot pedals. Feel confused? Well, this car seems to be the paradise of a gamer, as it can be controlled by a joystick. Who would have guessed?

But the most interesting part comes now. The Toyota FT-EV II has a length of 2730 millimeters and the Japanese automaker claims that it can fit four people. I wonder what kind of people must the rear passengers be? Anorexic?

In any case, this is clear a car that will forever be just a concept car that will never be seen like this in production form.