Photoshop expert renders 2011 Mercedes SLK

Posted on Monday, 12 October 2009 , 15:10:54 byEmil

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Photoshop expert renders 2011 Mercedes SLK

Some guy named Theophilus Chin who seems to be a Photoshop expert created the two images below in which we can see his view of how the next generation Mercedes SLK will look like. It is clear that the vast majority of automakers use certain styling patterns and cues on all the models in their range in order to make buyers attached to their brand, giving them the feeling that their models are part of an extended family and not individual soulless vehicles. Practically most automakers want to keep their customers to themselves for as many generations of models as possible by this tactic. It is not important whether the automaker has both a compact mini and a large SUV in their range of models; both of them will share some common styling patterns or styling cues, no matter how big the difference between models is. Maybe the best general example is represented by the German automakers. Mercedes Benz is no exception.

Starting from this basic principle, Theophilus Chin rendered two computer generated images showing how he thinks the next generation compact hardtop roadster of Mercedes will look like. He thinks that the 2011 Mercedes Benz SLK will be a ``mini SLS AMG Roadster``. It actually is not hard to believe or unrealistic to think that the German automaker is thinking of making the next generation Mercedes Benz SLK look somewhat like a smaller brother of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing . Take a look at the high resolution photos below to see the interesting design imagined by Theophilus Chin for the 2011 Mercedes Benz SLK.

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Photoshop expert renders 2011 Mercedes SLK image Photoshop expert renders 2011 Mercedes SLK image