Ford is continuing the electrification action with changes in management

Posted on Monday, 12 October 2009 , 15:10:07 byEmil

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Ford is continuing the electrification action with changes in management

Ford likes the electrification idea and it has announced already a few green units to be debuted in the upcoming few years. Just now Ford announced an all-new measure for supporting the sector efforts - the appointment of Nancy Gioia as the new director at Global Electrification.

Sue Cischke, group vice president at Ford involving Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, said: 'We recognize that pursuing electrification as one of our technology paths presents unique challenges for commercialization of the vehicles. It requires us to collaborate with new partners, define new business models, connect to a new infrastructure for the vehicles and meet new customer expectations around the globe'.

Ford will be launching a commercial van Transit Connect battery electric in 2010 and one year after that, a Focus battery electric passenger car. A hybrid vehicle next-generation is projected to be unveiled in 2012; and after - a plug-in hybrid.

Ford's vice president in Powertrain Engineering - Barb Samardzich said 'Ford is strongly positioned to accelerate its electric vehicle strategy thanks in part to the significant research we've already completed. Nancy's unique background and experience in leading the hybrid technology and electric vehicle product teams position her well to coordinate our electric efforts across product development, sustainability and government affairs as we move to the next frontier of this new form of transportation'.

Gioia affirmed 'Broad commercialization of electric transportation will require unprecedented collaboration among all stakeholders and new ways of doing business. Ford is committed to help lead the way to find creative solutions to ensure that electrified vehicles can deliver benefits to our customers, the environment and our business around the globe in a sustainable way'.