Porsche workers get 1100 euros bonus

Posted on Monday, 12 October 2009 , 23:10:55 byEmil

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Porsche workers get 1100 euros bonus

In these extremely hard times, when everyone is affected or scared by the economical and financial crisis, the German automaker Porsche did a very nice gesture for their employees. The last year (plus or minus two or three months) was a horrible period for everyone, but especially for those working in the auto industry. The sales numbers of all the automakers went down extremely fast, causing real panic in the entire industry. Still, it seems like some automakers like Porsche have a great respect for their employees. Thus, after the employees working for Porsche received a bonus of 3700 euros in 2007 and a bonus of 3800 euros in 2008 (not including special payments that were made in both occasions), now full time employees that began working for Porsche before August 1, 2008 will receive a bonus of 1100 euros for the 2008-2009 fiscal year that finished in the 31st of July. This is something impressive, the fact that Porsche , in spite of the difficult economy situation, will share the profits from its core business with the people working for them.

The German automaker Porsche stated that the bonus will be transferred along with monthly salary payments at the end of October while the company will also transfer a complete 13th month wage as a Christmas bonus along with the standard monthly wage payments for its employees at the end of November.

I think that Porsche is one of the few if not the only automaker that decided to give a bonus from the profits with its employees in these current extremely difficult conditions. I am sure that now almost all the automakers will take whatever cash they can get their hands on, so giving bonuses to employees is not an option right now. Congratulations for Porsche for this gesture.