Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept revealed

Posted on Monday, 12 October 2009 , 23:10:33 byEmil

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Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept revealed

Some two weeks ago we informed you about the revealing of the Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept. At that time we had only a few photos to show you. Now, the Japanese automaker Subaru revealed another 18 official photos so now we can finally claim that the Subaru Hybrid Tourer was actually revealed. These new 18 photos help us make a better image of the car than before. We get to see the Subaru Hybrid Tourer from a larger number of angles, including photos of the interior and some interesting sketches.

If you do not remember, the Japanese automaker announced that they will be publicly revealing the Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept during the 2009 edition of the Tokyo Auto Show that will open its gates this month. Some of the most important styling features of the Subaru Hybrid Tourer include the Alfa Romeo Brera inspired rear and the gull wing shaped doors. From a technical point of view, the Subaru Hybrid Tourer features the first hybrid powertrain of the Japanese automaker. The hybrid powertrain consists of a 2.0 liter horizontally opposed direct fuel injection turbo gasoline engine, a high performance lithium ion battery, an electric motor at each axle and the famous S-AWD (Symetrical All Wheel Drive) system. The drivetrain is completed by a Lineatronic CVT (continuously variable transmission) that is coupled to the engine.

The electric motor located on the front axle has an output of 13 horsepower and is used to provide additional power for hill climbing while being normally used as a power generator to recharge the lithium ion battery. As for the rear axle electric motor, it is capable of developing 27 horsepower. The rear axle located electric motor is used for an additional power boost to the gasoline engine during acceleration, while being able to move the car on its own at start up and extremely low speeds.