Huge metal ball made from 1983 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Posted on Thursday, 15 October 2009 , 14:10:49 byEmil

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Huge metal ball made from 1983 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Things get weirder by the day. After seeing the Nissan Land Glider and the BMW SIMPLE concept, I thought that I would never see anything weirder anytime soon. Well, this thing here beats the two weird concepts by far. What you see in the pictures below is a 1983 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well, at least it used to be. Someone donated a 1983 Jeep Grand Cherokee to the Children`s Museum of Pittsburgh. The people in charge of Children`s Museum of Pittsburgh decided not to use it as a mean of transportation (being a car an all…) and to call in an artist to see what he can do with the 26 year old car. To be more precise, they were thinking of a modern sculpture to be made out of the 1983 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but I am sure they were not expecting this. Now, the outdoor area of the museum is the location of a nine foot tall metal ball. Keny Marshall and his team decided to use all of the parts of the 1983 Jeep Grand Cherokee to do this.

I will be honest; I am not an art person. But some things are too damn obvious to not be said out loud. If this guy is an artist, then I am Jesus Christ reincarnated. How the hell can this guy be considered an artist? What kind of art is the dissembling of a car and turning it into a nine foot tall metal ball? In my opinion, this is just a piece of trash (a big one nonetheless) and this guy is certainly not an artist. No real artist would have created such a horrible thing.

Watch the first video here

Watch the second video here