200 workers will leave Holden voluntarily

Posted on Friday, 16 October 2009 , 10:10:35 byEmil

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200 workers will leave Holden voluntarily

Around 50 employees of Holden agreed to quit the firm after their hardship packages were granted. The employees are now sustained by the firm's Elizabeth factory of assembly and are the 1st with approved applications. A few hundreds employees applied for this well known hardship wraps, drive.com.au said, after the builder from Australia announced back in August that it will cut 200 work places by giving voluntary bonuses.

A spokeswoman off Holden affirmed 'The hardship recognition program was developed in response to requests from our employees and will allow those award covered employees who are experiencing hardship to transition to alternative employment with a financial safety net'.

'Our move to an alternating crew arrangement was all about protecting jobs in a tough economic environment ahead of next year's introduction of our new fuel-efficient small car. While Holden does not want to see skilled employees leave the industry, offering this program is the right thing to do for people who have contributed so much to our business'.

Holden made the announcement in the summer time a plan of cost cutting as it coping in recession. The firm has not said how many employees will be let go, mentioned about 200 men will leave the firm through a redundancy voluntary scheme.

Scott Whiffin - Holden spokesman, reported in August The Age 'We're offering voluntary packages within some of our functions, primarily office-based functions at our Port Melbourne headquarters. Some of these functions have remained more or less untouched over the years as we've gone down to one shift out at our Elizabeth plant, as export and engineering projects have come and gone, and as our domestic markets have contracted'.