Entry level Nissan Micra based model coming soon to the US market

Posted on Friday, 23 October 2009 , 04:10:54 byEmil

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Entry level Nissan Micra based model coming soon to the US market

After previously telling you about Nissan`s plans to launch the Land Glider worldwide (Please don`t Nissan, please) now we have new information about some more plans of the Japanese automaker. It seems that an entry level model based on the next generation Nissan Micra will be added to the U.S. market range of models. This information was confirmed by the Japanese automaker. Aside from the small next generation Nissan Micra hatchback, we will also get to see a four door sedan and a MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) from the same Nissan V-platform. Yesterday we showed you a number of official sketches showing how the next generation Nissan Micra will supposedly look like. The Nissan Micra will have serious competitors like the Ford Fiesta (the second best sold car in Europe this year) and the Toyota Yaris.

Vincent Cobee, manager of the so called V-platform, has stated that ``Nissan`s engineers spent four years to find ways to reduce production costs and weight out of a small car``. According to the Japanese automaker`s statements, the next generation Nissan Micra will have a lower number of parts by 18%, which sounds huge. For example, the current generation Nissan Micra`s cockpit has 56 parts, while the next generation`s cockpit will have only 27. Also, the new platform will see a 50% improvement in fuel economy, which is just outrageous. I seriously doubt that this information is anything more than marketing, but we will have to wait and see.

Nissan has big plans with its new V-platform. It seems that they hope to sell one million vehicles per year on the U.S. market from all the derivate cars of the V-platform. It looks like they are preparing an invasion of the U.S. market.