UK Renault Trucks debuts new Premium Prototype

UK Renault Trucks debuts new Premium Prototype

It's mounted on a Premium 450, 6x2, Renault rigid chassis - 3 axle, the all-new transporter Plus 10 Maxicom was unveiled recently by UK Renault Trucks. The prototype is called Plus 10 Maxi Com, created in conjunction with vehicle transporter maker Transporter Engineering; it's quite capable of maximizing van loads and chassis cabs, and that includes big jumbo vans, like the passenger autos.

The Transporter Engineering and Managing Director - Jim Pearson said 'The engineering team at Renault Trucks worked closely with us to develop this important prototype to the required technical specifications. The result is a 450bhp truck with a high performance chassis specification and comfort level for the driver'.

The 1st transporter Plus 10 Maxi Com will arrive to MCD group, a very important UK vehicle. It's the 1st from an interesting series of 30 like MCD ordered transporters, having deliveries set starting early next year and the 1st Renault joining the firm’s fleet.

The Managing Director, MCD - Dave McWilliams affirmed 'With over one million more vans on the road in 2008 compared to 10 years previously, the significance of a transporter that enables us to carry the growing range of vans whilst optimizing the load factors of cars provides a distinct operational advantage'.

McWilliams added 'Our team took a considerable amount of time assessing and evaluating the Maxicom and Renault truck before the decision to invest was made. The after sales support infrastructure of Renault Trucks and Transporter Engineering was a vital part of our needs and we’re comfortable that the overall package will serve us well'.