Volkswagen GTI 2010 being debuted via GTI Real Racing iPhone app

Posted on Sunday, 25 October 2009 , 10:10:46 byEmil

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Volkswagen GTI 2010 being debuted via GTI Real Racing iPhone app

VW will debut their new Volkswagen GTI 2010 exclusively through their iPhone app. An industry first, this action is offering huge advertising, money. The yearly mobil services' budget runs 500,000 Dollars. So, compare this to the 60 million Dollars media blitz Volkswagen ran with the launch of their GTI 2006.

The iPhone/iPod strategy seem limiting, but it's not. There are 50 million iPod and iPhone touch clients in the world. ‘NCIS’ at CBS, the most-watched entertainment for the week ending 18th of Oct, reached 21 million people and is getting and average of 130,000 Dollars for a spot of 30-seconds.

The German carmaker revealed their racing game GTI for the devices of Apple this week at a press event, tying that with a 6-vehicle giveaway for the gameplayers. 'It’s a clever idea' Raven Zachary, mobile-marketing consultant, Small Society's president and iPhoneDevCamp's founder told Automotive News. 'Licensing game technology saves VW considerable development cost and time to delivery. And the cost of six cars is not bad considering the cost of doing a print campaign or TV campaign'.

Tim Ellis, Marketing's Vice President, Volkswagen of America says 'The GTI customer is a tech-savvy consumer who enjoys social networking, playing games and spending time on mobile devices – most often an iPhone. Launching the all-new 2010 GTI via the Real Racing GTI App allows us to connect with this savvy GTI consumer within his or her everyday life in a way that no 30-second spot ever could'.

Charlie Taylor, digital marketing's general manager at Volkswagen of America, stated 'With the personalisation of media and the challenges inherent with reaching constantly connected consumers, we challenged ourselves to rethink the way we launch vehicles in order to engage our consumers in a meaningful way'.