Daihatsu Basket concept debuts at Tokyo Auto Show

Posted on Tuesday, 27 October 2009 , 13:10:28 byEmil

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Daihatsu Basket concept debuts at Tokyo Auto Show

Daihatsu has been working lately on a lot of concept models, specially (or not) for the Tokyo Auto Show. Daihatsu is an important Asian automaker so they could not miss out of the 2009 edition of the Tokyo Auto Show. One of the most interesting concepts (not necessarily in a good way) is the Daihatsu Basket. The Japanese automaker officially presented their concept at the Tokyo Auto Show. A lot of people crowded up to see the little convertible car that seems to be some sort of a combination between a pickup and a small convertible car. Obviously, the shape of the car is quite rectangular, in the pure Japanese tradition.

The Daihatsu Basket is considered as being a modern version of the Fiat 500 Jolli but with Japanese accents. The Daihatsu Basket gets its power from a 600cc three cylinder petrol engine. The powertrain also consists of an all wheel drive system. Even though it might seem impossible, the Daihatsu Basket can actually accommodate up to four passengers. This is possible when the rear row of seats is not folded. When the seats are folded the Daihatsu Basket turns into some sort of a pickup, very small nonetheless. The Daihatsu Basket has a canvas top and a length of 3395 millimeters.

In my opinion this is a very interesting car. This is the sort of car that can be characterized like being the future in the past. No wonder that recently clothes that were fashionable some decades ago are now trendy again. Looks like Daihatsu wants to make retro looking cars to become trendy too again. I honestly doubt that we will ever see the car in production looking like this, in terms of both exterior styling and interior styling. This is just a fresh raindrop in the huge pond of extremely futuristic concepts that were presented at the Tokyo Auto Show.