Claudio Berro is the new Motorsports Lotus director

Claudio Berro is the new Motorsports Lotus director

Lotus – the British automaker announced the Director of Motorsports' appointment - Claudio Berro, reporting to, Dany Bahar - the firm's CEO. The brand new director, that a time ago was also Peugeot Talbot Italia's Rally Co-Driver in a Lotus Talbot Sunbeam and twice Rally Champion - Group 2 in 1981 - 1982 will be joining Lotus on 2nd of November.

Dany Bahar affirmed when the appointment was announced: 'I am delighted that Claudio is joining us as Director of Motorsport. He has a proven track record of not only setting up and managing the motorsport’s divisions within sportscar brands but also winning championships in GT racing and rallying. His skills will be very valuable as we look to return Lotus to high level motorsport around the world'.

The new Motorsports' director added 'Lotus has a peerless motorsport heritage, not just in Formula One, but we have also won in sportscar racing, saloon car racing, world rally championships, Le Mans and the Indy 500'.

'There is no other car company in the world which can lay claim to so many accolades and championships in such a wide variety of motorsport fields, and I am looking forward to re-introducing Lotus to high level motorsport to not only compete and win but also to demonstrate the shared technology between Lotus sportscars and future racing cars'.

Berro, before joining Lotus, has been Operations Racing Director at the International Race Series - Speedcar Middle-East, after spending fourteen years at Ferrari, Fiat and Maserati, and responsible for all the outside F1 sport activities for Maserati and Ferrari.