Audi is offering extended warranty for its cars in Germany

Posted on Thursday, 29 October 2009 , 17:10:12 byEmil

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Audi is offering extended warranty for its cars in Germany

Audi - German carmaker introduced the extended car warranty, prolonging the 2 year warranty available at the moment on its units by 3 years bonus. In addition, you'll find 9 diverse option wraps for these warranties, respecting the mileage and term.

Bernd Hoffmann, genuine parts, Audi after sales' chief, stated for the press: 'The level of service offered by the Audi Extended Warranty is far beyond the scope typical of this market. The customer decides the mileage limit and the length of the warranty period, making risk management more transparent and predictable'.

The buyers can choose for some warranties extend by 3 years plus 150,000 kilometers. This warranty is applying to the vehicle, not the driver; selling the auto wouldn't void it. So, this warranty is for all Audi units and for automobiles bought or leased, never mind the trim levels and engine options.

The automaker affirmed 'The Audi Extended Warranty offers Audi customers numerous advantages. They receive a 100 percent manufacturer’s warranty and are also protected against many unforeseeable repair costs'.

'The Audi Extended Warranty is linked to the vehicle, not the driver, making it more attractive in terms of resale value. Audi is the only premium carmaker offering an extended warranty in Germany without the exclusion criteria typical of insurance plans'.