Jim Hoffa is applauding the reopening of Wilmington

Posted on Thursday, 29 October 2009 , 14:10:24 byEmil

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Jim Hoffa is applauding the reopening of Wilmington

Fisker - PHEV manufacturer will take General Motors' Wilmington Assembly factory for building Karma. Among many that commend Fisker's choice and the obvious support from Joe Biden - US vice president is... Jim Hoffa, International Brotherhood of Teamsters' general president.

Hoffa said 'Thousands of workers and their families were devastated when GM closed this facility in August. The decision by Fisker Automotive to retool the plant and build electric vehicles is an important step in rebuilding our economy'.

'By rehiring laid-off workers, the White House and the company are showing a commitment to reinvesting in our national infrastructure. It is important that they do so in a way that is good for workers and good for the community'.

Wilmington's production will not start until 2012; the factory is not exactly in the hands of Fisker. The maker will buy only the factory from General Motors after a trial period of 4 months, yet it's not likely this action will not be fully completed.

The 37-year old - Stuart Small, Teamsters Local Union 326's member affirmed, supporting the opinion of his president: 'Starting production at this plant is important to every one of us who was affected by the GM closing. It is difficult to find comparable work in this economy. These are jobs that you can raise a family on and retire. It is important to all of us and to the community that we get back to work and that we are treated fairly'.