Suzusho Supasse-V revealed at Tokyo Auto Show

Posted on Thursday, 29 October 2009 , 07:10:35 byEmil

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Suzusho Supasse-V revealed at Tokyo Auto Show

Presence at the 2009 edition of the Tokyo Auto Show is not exclusively limited to the big players like Toyota or Honda . Small automakers that are hardly known by anybody like Suzusho have made their way too at the most important Asian auto event of the year. Thus, Suzusho has presented their most recent creation in public for the first time.

The Suzusho Supasse-V is a small coupe with a middle placed engine that will most likely hit the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) next year. It is important to mention that all Suzusho models are JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) exclusive, this being most likely the most important reason for which practically anyone never heard of this brand before some weeks ago. Returning to the Suzusho Supasse-V, their most recent creation, we can tell you that it has compact dimensions and thanks to the use of lightweight materials like fiberglass and aluminum it manages to weigh only 1874 lbs or 850 kilograms.

Weighing just 850 kilograms, you would expect the car to be extremely fast. Getting its power from a 2.3 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine capable of developing 270 horsepower, the Suzusho Supasse-V promises to be one hell of a machine. Still, there is one thing that is making us wonder. In the pictures below we get to see an image of the odometer where we can see that the maximum speed is put to 200 km/h. Well this might be a mistake and it might because this is just an exposition model, but it is weird that Suzusho has not announced any official performance figures. It would be a huge disappointment that a lightweight car equipped with a powerful engine to be limited at just 200 km/h. Anyway, to make yourself an idea of what the engine is capable of, we can tell you that it is the same engine as the one used on the Mazda 3 MPS .

The powertrain of the vehicle also consists of a six speed manual gearbox and a rear wheel drive system. Another thing that makes the Suzusho Supasse-V to be special is the scissor doors. The car itself has a general very interesting design. Hopefully, the Japanese automaker will offer more details about its car soon. Until then, check out the live from Tokyo images of the Suzusho Supasse-V.