American Army having fuel-efficient cars from Ricardo

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2009 , 12:10:00 byEmil

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American Army having fuel-efficient cars from Ricardo

The Ricardo Eco-Inovation Technology Company just announced it will create a new car on FED program (Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator) debuted by TARDEC, good for the American Army. FED was introduced late in 2008 improving military car technology, minimizing the battlefield's fuel consumption, reducing this dependence on oil in our days.

Ricardo will make therefore a demonstration car that improves the economy of fuel while keeping the light tactical autos' performance.

Paul Luskin, Ricardo's program engineer chief for FED and car engineering manager stated 'The FED project leverages Ricardo's experience and success in supporting the development of a broad range of military vehicles over several years. In particular, TARDEC has recognized Ricardo's role on the Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS), in which we successfully implemented advanced technology into an innovative vehicle architecture'.

The new Ricardo deal is serving FED program's 2nd phase, that builds on the first phase when the firm applied its TVFE systems engineering (Total Vehicle Fuel Economy) expertise for evaluating present and emerging high tech that can help the efficiency of fuel over the whole car.

Louis Infante, Vehicle Product Group Director at Ricardo 'We are extremely pleased to be able to continue supporting TARDEC in its objective to increase the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleets. The FED project represents an ideal application of Ricardo's expertise in armored vehicle design and fuel efficiency improvements using our Total Vehicle Fuel Economy processes. We look forward to working with the government in developing a vehicle that will represent a large step forward in reducing life-cycle cost'.