Largest Ferrari store in the world opens in Dubai

Posted on Wednesday, 4 November 2009 , 13:11:53 byEmil

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Largest Ferrari store in the world opens in Dubai

Money makes the world go round. This is not just an old saying but a real fact for the times we live in. The famous Italian automaker Ferrari decided to open their largest store in the world. Where do you they did this? Italy? Wrong. Was it France or Germany to get a piece of some rival automakers home market? Wrong again. No, not even USA. Believe it or not, Ferrari has opened their largest store in the world in Dubai. Dubai, which is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates, a country that has a population of a little over 5.5 million people. A country which is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Southwest of Asia. Why? Obviously, for the money. There are a lot of extremely rich people living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE for short), so they can afford (not only afford, but actually do) buy a lot of Ferrari cars.

The opening of the Ferrari store located in Dubai was a moment of great importance for the company, as important people like Edwin Fenech, General Manager of Ferrari Middle East and Africa, Shafqat Malik, CFO Aldar Properties and Chairman of Fadar Retail along with Formula 1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella performed the ribbon cutting for the 1000 square meters store. The store has a single storey floor space and it will be entirely devoted to Ferrari alone, without any other cars of the group.

You can watch a video of the festivities here