Hideous Batmobile replica up for sale on eBay

Posted on Wednesday, 4 November 2009 , 06:11:01 byEmil

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Hideous Batmobile replica up for sale on eBay

Some people just have a talent in making things ugly. These kinds of people just do not have the most elementary good taste notion. Obviously, they always think about themselves as having the best taste when it comes to anything. This high self esteem makes them believe that they can modify anything, from the way their room looks to the way their car looks like. This is exactly what we have here. A Greek designer from Germany (?!) who goes by the name Koon attempted to make his own Batmobile .

Well, this particular Batmobile project is based on a 1984 Ford Granada featuring a miniature Batcycle of some sort located on the trunk, the electric circular saw blade up front. This Batmobile is up for sale on eBay and someone actually bided 510 dollars for it. I would be extremely curious to see what will be the final price.

Obviously, this is neither the first nor the last Batmobile wannabe, but it certainly is one of the most hideous. This car has almost nothing in common with the movie Batmobile, being just a tasteless failed replica. This is just a waste of a nice Ford Granada. I would be honestly ashamed to be seen driving such a car.

Anyway, take a look at the photos below, but please, don`t buy the car, do not make a fool of yourself.