Renault-Nissan is debuting E-KIZUNA Project

Posted on Thursday, 5 November 2009 , 09:11:23 byEmil

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Renault-Nissan is debuting E-KIZUNA Project

The Zero Emissions Renault-Nissan alliance today made the announcement they signed in a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Saitama, Japanese city, for the E-KIZUNA Project's creation, an effort in making a society of 'low-carbon'.

The goals MoU got are the making of charging stations' network, the IT Connectivity's deployment for real-time info involving the charging infrastructure and the EV fleets' promotion via events of test-drive, briefings and educational brochures.

Shimizu - Saitama City Mayor stated for the press 'Through partnership with Nissan, we hope the E-KIZUNA Project can become the model for a low-carbon society. This project aims to create not only a sustainable society, but also a comfortable living environment in the city. We are committed to make E-KIZUNA a success'.

Nissan COO - Toshiyuki Shiga continued 'Mass adoption of electric cars is key to creating a sustainable low-carbon society and it is essential for us to work with public and private stakeholders to achieve success. Nissan is pleased to contribute to the E-KIZUNA Project and together, we hope to create a truly modern and mobile society with zero emissions'.

Besides E-KIZUNA, the alliance has a new partnership now with GuangDong (the Chinese provence) having the same goals you see above.

Noboru Tateishi, the Global Zero Emission Business Unit Nissan director said. 'China has the great potential for electric vehicles as the government is very serious to promote the zero-emission societies. We continuously talk with the local governments to spread our EVs into the Chinese market'.