0-60 Magazine version of Lexus IS convertible coming to SEMA Show

Posted on Monday, 9 November 2009 , 12:11:44 byEmil

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0-60 Magazine version of Lexus IS convertible coming to SEMA Show

The 2009 SEMA Show is maybe the most important tuning event of the year, especially for North American based tuning companies. Well, it seems that this event is so important that even people that have no real experience in the tuning business try their luck to create a project good enough to make it at the SEMA Show that takes place in Las Vegas. Even if you would expect to see mostly American cars at the SEMA Show, some guys have taken up Japanese based projects.

What we have here is a Lexus IS hardtop convertible that was modified by the crew over at 0-60 Magazine, which is, as their name suggests, a real car magazine and not just a simple name.

In terms of styling, the 0-60 Magazine version of the Lexus IS gets a pair of Sparco bucket seats for the interior while the exterior was modified using one-piece alloy wheels from Advan Racing Lightweight and a Ings+1 exterior body kit.

In terms of mechanics, the Lexus IS gets some important new features, including Brembo brakes with custom front and rear Big Brake kit (rotors and calipers), a GReddy Performance exhaust system, a KW coilover suspension system as well as engine management computer and gauges.

Honestly, I think that people should stick to what they are good at doing. The crew working for the 0-60 magazine should have stayed at just writing about cars, and not to attempt to modify them. I think that the Lexus IS convertible modified by 0-60 Magazine looks awful and it will be a failure.